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Updates: Royal Palace 1 & Royal Palace 2.
The series of updates continues. Royal Palace and Royal Palace 2 asset packs are updated. The updated versions are published at Unreal Engine Marketplace.
Updates: Dragon Hall and Dragon Hall 2
Last week we updated our two asset packs Dragon Hall and Dragon Hall 2, created with Unreal Engine.
Unreal Engine: Massive Marketplace Sale
Check out the Massive Marketplace Sale at Unreal Engine Marketplace. Find all Dexsoft Game Assets on 50% discount through Friday, June 3.
Improved User Experience: The Ultimate Goal
Through continuous product updates and high quality products/services, our goal is to improve the experience of our users.
Update: Cathedral Unity
Cathedral asset pack is updated. This Unity asset pack now includes a modular cathedral building with both exterior and interior and 68 game-ready 3D models.
Update: Vegetable Plants
Vegetable Plants asset pack is finally updated. This Unity asset pack now includes 46 game-ready vegetable 3D models.
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