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New Release: Medieval Harbour
Embark on a journey to a captivating medieval world with our latest Medieval Harbour asset pack. Including 157 unique meshes, modular landscape and a complete harbour scene created with Unreal Engine 5.
New Releases: SciFi Turrets 2.
Excited to introduce SciFi Turrets 2, the latest addition to Unreal Engine Marketplace, giving you the power to craft truly dynamic and customizable gameplay experiences. The collection includes 6 modular turrets with basic shooting codes and target aiming. The blueprints are game-ready and compatible with Third Person Character.
New Release: Office Park
Introducing Office Park: The Modular Corporate Environment built in Unreal Engine 5. Office Park asset pack includes a multi-purpose modular building and 120 unique meshes.
New Release: MegaVRse 3.
Introducing MegaVRse 3.: The Metaverse-Ready Asset Pack You've Been Waiting For. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, this modular environment is set to redefine the way you design, build, and experience the metaverse of your dreams.
New Release: Cathedral 5.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of carefully designed meshes and breathtaking aesthetics. Cathedral 5. asset pack is built with Unreal Engine 5. and it includes a modular cathedral environment complemented with 74 unique meshes.
New Release: Futura 2.
The long awaited Futura 2 Corporate Building asset pack is finally here! Get ready to design your next corporate building in a futuristic style. With Futura 2. asset pack you can create stunning futuristic corporate environments in Unreal Engine. You will get access to 127 unique meshes, example level and Lumen support.
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