Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support the journey of game developers, creators and artists with outstanding functional game assets and continuous professional support.
Our modular products save time and give developers the tools to create unique games.

Our asset packs include functional game assets in substantial file formats that insure quick and easy level creations. 

All example levels are made using a modular workflow which enables developers to design their virtual worlds with ease and write their aspiring stories. 

Satisfied Customers
Published 3D Models
Game Development

In July 2020. we published our first adventure game called Ziggy The Chaser. Ziggy The Chaser is an adventure game with 24 levels filled with pure fun and entertainment. The game is available for both PC and Mobile devices.


DEJAN - CEO and Senior 3D Artist:

"Dejan wears many hats at our company, from steering the ship as CEO to infusing our projects with his creative touch as a 3D artist."


MILICA - Head of Marketing and Communications

"Milica leads our marketing and communications efforts, weaving

compelling narratives that resonate with our audience."


NIKOLA - 3D Generalist:

"Nikola's wizardry in the realm of 3D modeling ensures that every pixel

of our creations exudes excellence and charm."


SRDJAN - Unity Developer:

"Srdjan is the architect behind the scenes, seamlessly integrating code

and creativity to breathe life into our games and experiences."

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